Primaris Station in orbit at L3 of the dual Solar System Eucaryote IX

Outgoing Signal: Mayday Loop Status: Emergency Life Support System Engaged Station Commander’s Log “This is Chief Scientist Annabel Esteban, last remaining crew member of the Research Station. Evacuation Protocol has failed. This is a warning to any salvagers, rescuers, or morbidly curious interlopers: STAY AWAY! This Station is contaminated with Dark Boson Mycelia. Despite our […]

Simple Mathematics

Generation Flagship Ouroboros Lambda-Orionis Molecular Cloud, Orion Arm, Milky Way Galaxy 1474 ly from Earth Admiral-Ascendant Onanda di Sarallos woke to the smell of lavender. The manufactured stimulus was meant to ease her out of the depths of hypersleep, and she welcomed the distraction: coming back from the dead was, generally speaking, an altogether unpleasant […]