Two to four players duke it out for control of the planet earth in the distant future.

IN:FLUX is a sci-fi tabletop game set on Earth. The game involves four unique factions that fight for control of a map. Players expand across the map and vie for control of territory. A simplified user experience allows for fast play. The game has an economy which is simple enough to allow for focusing on strategy. Modular map tiles and various factions bonuses allow for re-play value. Players can upgrade their tech tree and play a bluffing game with opponents. Different technologies have different synergies.

The Factions

Neonoan Symbol

The Neonoans

A space-faring civilization that briefly left our solar system and returned upon colonizing a nearby star system. Along the way they found alien artifacts and built new weapons.

Genesis  Symbol


A scientific research conglomerate set out to experiment amongst the asteroids. They opened a gateway into another dimension by accident after building a Hadron collider in outer space. The mutated horrors eventually return to earth.

Supreme Leader Symbol

Supreme Leader

A North Korean type of communist dictatorship. They stayed on earth and took over half the planet, sharing it in a cold war style scenario. Eventually the other two factions show up to challenge them.

CIN  Symbol


The Covert Insurrection Network is s cult-like faction that took over the other half of the planet. They met the Neonoans and at first a fragile peace existed. Then renegade C.I.N. cultists launched a surprise attack against the Neonoans delegation, taking their weapons. C.I.N. reversed engineered their technology to produce new nanotech materials.

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